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Dakry Olive - Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Ethnarxou Makariou 149, 17235, Dafni, Greece



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The Messinian Land has been giving us its wealth for many centuries. The soil, the climate and the tradition of Messinia allow the cultivation of a variety of products, known for their quality and aroma.

Guided by our passion for high-quality products, we exploit this wealth, combining the traditions of our ancestors with new technologies.

We offer you the famous Messinian extra virgin olive oil, distinguished by its unique aroma, fruity taste and unchanged nutrients. Dakry Olive is produced from carefully selected olives and only by mechanical methods. It is ready to stand in any culinary kitchen and any table on earth. The delicious journey to the fields of Messinia continues with our own, pure, high-quality honey. In all kinds, it stands out for its rich taste and is the elixir of well-being.

Taste and tradition are combined in the unique Dakry Olive spoon sweets. Our creations based on the beloved pistachio will fascinate you. For lovers of haute cuisine, we have balsamic caviar, which promises to add flavor intensity to every dish.

Finally, we turned our mood for creation into handmade scented candles. with 100% natural, Greek raw materials, we give your space the aroma of ancient Greece. The flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean are concentrated in all our products.

Dakry Olive


Ioannis Kryfos
M.: (+30) 698.100.2005

Mariangela Draconaki
M.: (+30) 694.9554.615


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