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Donkey Milk



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With its beneficial properties known for 5,500 years, donkey milk is a valuable food and an excellent, natural supplement. Hippocrates recommended it for all kinds of diseases but also as a preventive means of shielding the body against ailments, while Pliny the Elder as an antidote to poisoning.

In Ancient Egypt it was a well-known cosmetic and Queen Cleopatra used to be accompanied on her travels by 500 donkeys who ensured her daily bath to keep her young and beautiful. In Ancient Rome it was the drink of the aristocracy, as well as in the Middle Ages where state documents have been preserved that prove that the nobles used to drink boiled donkey's milk.

In October 1882, an article was published in the London Globe & New York Times reporting a study done in a hospital in Paris at the time. The results concluded that donkey's milk is the clear winner against sheep's and cow's milk when given to children with communicable diseases.

Until the beginning of the use of donkey milk in the 20th century as a substitute for mother's milk and until about 60 years ago, donkeys could be found on every street corner and in various cities providing a nutritious meal for babies. Especially in France, Catalonia and S. Italy about a hundred years ago one could find donkeys at the doors of houses, being milked by their owners.

In India even today it is given to newborns and premature babies to boost their immune system.



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