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"Ta Palaia Roumata" Butcher Shop, Kounoupidiana, Chania


4 Agiou Onoufriou, Kounoupidiana, Chania 73100






About Us

You are definitely looking for quality meat, and of course...you don't trust easily.

And you're doing the right thing!

MeetMyFarm recommends one of the best quality butcher shops in Chania to you.

"Ta Palaia Roumata" Butcher Shop is located in the area of Kounoupidiana (Akrotiri, Chania, Crete). The business stands out for its quality...

The owner of the business is Mr. Nikos Katzakis, who always makes sure that his customers are satisfied. He's there to help you find what you're looking for!

Quality meat, from breeders who respect the consumer.

At the butcher shop "Ta Palaia Roumata" you will find a variety of products, such as:

- Fried Greek Marinated Chicken
- Fried Greek Marinated Pork
- Chicken Burger Stuffed with Cheese
- Cheddar and Turkey
- Burger Stuffed with Philadelphia and Bacon
- Greek Chicken Shortbread
- Marinated Greek Pork Shortbread
- Marinated Spare Ribs
- Greek Minced Lamb Kebab Pepper

In a few words:
- Excellent taste
- Quality meat from quality breeders
- It couldn't be missing from MeetMyFarm!

If you live in Chania or it just happens to pass by...make sure to stop by the butcher shop "Ta Palaia Roumata".




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